Nusa Penida Island Tour 2 Days 1 Night

2 Days

Prepare yourself for a journey of a lifetime as you embark on the Nusa Penida Island Tour spanning over 2 days and 1 night.

This tour promises not just sightseeing but an experience that will leave you with memories to cherish forever.

Let’s delve into the details of this enchanting tour.

Nusa Penida Island Tour 2 Day 1 Night

Day 1: A Day of Exploration and Wonder

Thousand Island Viewpoint Start your adventure at the Thousand Island Viewpoint, where you will witness a panorama that seems like a thousand islands merging at the horizon. The breathtaking view promises a great start to your tour.

Tree House Next, head to the Tree House, a spot that offers a unique blend of nature and architecture, providing a serene environment to relax and take in the beauty of the surroundings.

Diamond Beach As you move forward, find yourself at Diamond Beach, a pristine location known for its sparkling white sands and crystal-clear waters. It’s a perfect spot for photography enthusiasts.

Atuh Beach Atuh Beach awaits next, offering a tranquil setting with its beautiful sandy beaches and clear waters, providing a perfect spot for relaxation and sunbathing.

Teletubbies Hill End your day at the Teletubbies Hill, a picturesque location that will take you back to your childhood with its undulating hills resembling the home of the famous Teletubbies.

Day 2: A Day of Adventure and Thrills

Angel Billabong Begin your day at Angel Billabong, a natural infinity pool offering a unique swimming experience with its clear waters and beautiful surroundings.

Broken Beach Next on the list is the Broken Beach, a natural bridge over the ocean offering a spectacular view of the turquoise waters below.

Kelingking Beach Then, head to Kelingking Beach, a hidden paradise offering a secluded beach with pristine waters and a view that is simply breathtaking.

Paluang Cliff Experience the thrill at Paluang Cliff, a spot known for its dramatic cliffs and stunning views of the ocean, providing a perfect backdrop for your photos.

Crystal Bay End your adventure at Crystal Bay, a popular spot for snorkeling with its clear waters and vibrant marine life, promising a perfect end to your tour.

Facilities and Amenities

To make your journey comfortable and hassle-free, the tour includes a range of facilities such as:

  • Transportation: Enjoy a smooth journey with pick-up and drop facilities to your hotel or airport in Bali.
  • Guidance: An English-speaking driver and tour guide will accompany you, ensuring a wonderful experience.
  • Fast Boat Tickets: Avail round-trip fast boat tickets with express pass, saving you from the hassle of waiting in line for tickets.
  • Comfortable Travel: Travel in comfort with a private car equipped with A/C on the island.
  • All-Inclusive: The tour includes all entrance fees, ensuring a smooth entry at all locations.
  • Dining: Enjoy a delightful lunch during your tour.
  • Refreshments: Stay hydrated with mineral water provided during the trip.
  • Parking: The tour covers all parking fees and petrol during the trip, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Embark on the Nusa Penida Island Tour for an unforgettable experience filled with adventure, beauty, and comfort. Book your tour now and create memories that will last a lifetime.


Second day we go to The Tree House (Rumah Pohon) on Nusa Penida has become one of the most popular attractions and one of the most popular places to stay! It is perched up on the mountain at Thousand Island (Pulau Seribu) viewpoint near Atuh Beach. Atuh Beach, or Pantai Atuh, is a hidden beach on the remote south-eastern coast of Nusa Penida island. The beach is secluded by magnificent green cliffs, while various limestone rock formations surround it, adding to the beauty of the area. Thousand Island Viewpoint is definitely one of the most spectacular spots to take in the ocean breeze and spend a moment appreciating exactly where you are. We spent a good hour just relaxing on the cliff overlooking the islands and chilling out at Thousand Island Nusa Penida.

Day 1

📍Thousand Island Viewpoint
📍Rumah Pohon famouse with Tree House
📍Diamond Beach
📍Atuh Beach
📍Teletubbies Hill

Day 2

📍Angel Billabong
📍Broken Beach
📍Klingking Beach
📍Paluang Cliff
📍Crystal Bay


• 6:30AM
Pick up at your hotel (exact time may vary depending on your location)
• 7:30AM
Arrive at Sanur Port and take a speed boat to Nusa Penida
• 8:15AM
Arrive in Nusa Penida and start your tour
• 10:15AM
Visit Diamond Beach
• 11:00AM
Visit Atuh Beach
• 11:45PM
Visit Tree House
• 12:15PM
Lunch Time!
• 1:30PM
Visit Thousand Island View Point
• 3:00PM
Visit Teletubbies Hill
• 4:00PM
Return back to the hotel in Nusa Penida

• 8:15AM
Start your tour
• 9:15AM
Visit Broken Beach
• 10:00AM
Visit Angel Billabong
• 11:30PM
Visit Klingking Beach
• 12:15PM
Lunch Time!
• 1:30PM
Visit Paluang Cliff
• 3:00PM
Visit Crystal Bay
• 4:00PM
Return back to the Nusa Penida port
• 4:30PM
Arrive at Nusa Penida port and take a speed boat to the Sanur port
• 5:15PM
Arrive at Sanur port and travel back to your hotel
• 6:00PM
Arrive back at your hotel

Tour Facilities

Tour Facilities

  • Private and Drop to your Hotel or Airport in Bali
  • English speaking driver and tour guide
  • Round-trip fast boat tickets (Express pass – no waiting in line for tickets)
  • Private car with A/C on the island
  • All entrance fees
  • Lunch
  • Mineral water

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Nusa Penida Island Tour 2 Days 1 Night
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