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The Beauty Of Diamond Beach Nusa Penida In Bali

Diamond Beach Nusa Penida is one tourist spot that you must not miss visiting when you travel to the island, especially if you are a beach lover. Previously, tourists could only watch this beautiful beach on top of a hill. But the local government has built an access to this beach. So, Diamond Beach could be accessed for the first time in 2018.

Diamond Beach has now become one of the most popular tourist attractions in Nusa Penida. Here, you can witness the gorgeous nature. In this article, we’ll share everything you need to know about this pretty beach.

A Glimpse of Diamond Beach

Diamond Beach is named after a stone shaped like a pointed diamond found on the beach. Hidden behind a hill cliff, this beach offers clean white sand and crystal-clear water. There are not many tourists visiting this beach, making it a great place to escape the loud, crowded towns in Bali. However, you need to know that it takes quite much energy to visit Diamond Beach.

You have to go down the stairs located on a steep hill cliff wall. If you are an adventurer or adrenaline junkie, this would be a joy, instead. There is also a path that leads down to the beach so that tourists can access the road leading down to the side of the cliff. Once you have reached the beach, you will see perfect white sand with bright turquoise water.

But the huge, diamond-shaped stone is the icon of this beach. Make sure you capture your moment with this icon when you visit Diamond Beach.

Access to Diamond Beach

Diamond Beach is located in the same area as Atuh Beach, Pulau Seribu, Raja Lima, and Molentang Tree House. So, you can explore other spots once you have enjoyed Diamond Beach. The beauty of this beach becomes perfect when you step your feet on the white sand beach that is about 50 meters below the cliff by taking the access road made by cutting the rock wall.

Diamond beach

When you trek to the location, make sure you are being careful because the stairs leading down the cliff are steep. So, it might not be a great idea to bring kids or elderly to this beach. The challenging journey is the reason why not many tourists visit Diamond Beach, making it a hidden gem in Nusa Penida. Visiting this beach surely will be a fun adventure.

The edge of the stairs is lined with ropes that you can hold onto when you go down the stairs. You will reach the beach after about 20 minutes to 30 minutes. This is why you need good energy to visit Diamond Beach Nusa Penida. Along the way when you go down the stairs, you can see breath-taking landscapes, and all your efforts will be paid off when you touch down on the beach.

Diamond Beach is calming with its turquoise crystal-clear water, showing that this beach is untouched and virgin. If you want to take a swim, make sure you only do it on the seashore because the seabed contour of this beach is pretty steep. If you don’t want to visit popular, mainstream tourist spots like Broken Beach Nusa Penida, Diamond Beach is a great option.

Location and Entrance Fee

diamond beach

You can go to Nusa Penida by taking a fast boat or speed boat from Sanur Beach. It costs around Rp. 150.000 per person and it takes about 40 minutes from Sanur to Nusa Penida, You can use the Nusa Penida tour package from Nusapenidaily.com to get an extraordinary experience!

Once you have touched down the pier, you can rent a motorcycle or car to go to Diamond Beach. It takes about an hour by driving to reach the gorgeous beach.

The entrance fee is Rp. 10.000 per person. You also need to pay for the parking fee, which is Rp. 5.000 per motorcycle or Rp. 10.000 per car. With such affordable entrance fees, you can already enjoy the natural beauty of Diamond Beach.

Attractions of Diamond Beach

Here are the attractions of Diamond Beach that become reasons why you have to visit this incredible beach.

Natural Beach

Diamond Beach is one of the natural beaches in Nusa Penida, meaning that there are not many visitors coming to this beach.

It is also located in the same area as other tourist spots, making it convenient for your trip.

Surrounded by Karst Cliffs

What makes Diamond Beach even more beautiful is that this beach is surrounded by karst cliffs.

Karst itself is a form of closed depression on the earth’s surface, surface drainage, and caves. These karst cliffs are what make Diamond Beach feels even more natural.

Soaring Karst Rocks

There are soaring karst rocks on Diamond Beach, making it an amazing background photo for you to take pictures.

But make sure you don’t stand too close to these rocks because they are very steep so that your own safety should be your concern.

Clean White Sand

Another main attraction of Diamond Beach is its clean white sand, making this place totally gorgeous.

The white sand is very soft, allowing you to get relaxed sitting there while enjoying the whole beach.

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Diamond Beach Swing

For you who like to pump your adrenaline, you can try riding on the Diamond Beach swing located on the edge of a cliff. You can also rent a costume to capture great photos when you are on the swing.

Besides the swing, there is also a photo property formed like a bird nest where you can sit on it. With the beach as the background, you can take great photos here.

Supporting Facilities on Diamond Beach

diamond beach

As Diamond Beach are quite a new tourist spot in Nusa Penida, the supporting facilities around this place are still inadequate. The parking area is pretty vast, located around 20 meters away from the beach.

Then, you need to walk from the parking area to the beach location. Toilets and food stalls are still unavailable as well near Diamond Beach.

Therefore, you are suggested to bring your own food and drink in case you are hungry and thirsty after going down the stairs to reach the beach. However, do not forget to bring back your trash to keep the beach clean and comfortable.

Other Tourist Spots Near Diamond Beach

There are some other tourist spots near Diamond Beach that you can visit. One of them is Atuh Beach that you can visit without having to pay the entrance fee again.

Outside the beach, you can visit Teletubbies Hills, which is also one popular destination in Nusa Penida.

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That is the complete information about Diamond Beach Nusa Penida. Are you interested in visiting this pretty beach when you travel to Nusa Penida, Bali?

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